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Taken with author Jeffrey Archer in London Jeffrey was born in Weston Super Mare on april 15 1940 he was also an mp and was in margaret Thatcher government and was he right hand man top man

This photo is of Margaret Thatcher taken in London i said to wellcome and she thank you young man 1996 sadly she died last week april 20013 RIP

The two Beatles at the flower show with there wives Ringo Starr and George Harrison they smile for me  while i took the picture 1998

Taken With composer and writer Lion Bart he was born in Stepney east London and died in Hammersmith London Lion wrote some great songs one great song was little white bull and move it  birtday august 1 1930 he wrote oliver the musical with great successhe was good friends with the late John Lennon who sadly died dec 8 1980

Taken with brodcaster and journalist Anna Raeburn she was born 3 april 1944 in Middlesbrogh England she did some great work for capital radio in london she is one of the best ever and good at what she dose

Taken with singer and actor John Leyton John was born on february 17 1935 in Frinton on sea Essex England uk he made some great records like johnny remember me 1961 produced by Joe Meek follow up by wild wind it reached number 2 in the uk charts john was in some good films like the great escape john is still touring today

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