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***About Me***

Well I'm your original 60's man. Collecting pop and film memorabilia has been a lifelong passion. Along the way I have met loads of stars, Elvis, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, The Who, The Elecric Prunes, Them, Taste, The Creation,The Action, Thin Lizzy, The Kinks, The Small Faces, The Birds, The Movement, Grannies Intentions and many more. All my products are geniune and valuable items, which I have collected over many years. Below are pictures of me with some of my favourite stars

Myself with Paul McCartney

Taken with Beatle Paul McCartney, he was born on June18th 1942, his real name was James Paul McCartney. He and John Lennon did some of the best songs ever. At the age of 15 he met John Lennon and his group the Quarrymen at St Peters church in Woolton. They adopted the name Beatles in August 1960 and got Pete into the group. I met all the Beatles , Paul, John, Pete, George, Ringo about 18 times and all Beatles got to know me in time. I have every Beatle record. They were good  friends with Gerry Marsden. Brian Epstein died in August 1967 was the best manager. The group could not  work so Paul tried to lead them. In the end they broke up, very sad, the best pop group in the world                

Myself with Pete Best Orignal Beatles Drummer

Taken with the Beatles first drummer the original drummer for the Silver Beatles. He was born Randolph Peter Best  in India on 24th Nov 1941.  He played on some very early Beatles records, my Bonnie, The Decca Sounds and many more. He is one of the very best

Myself with George Martin

This is George Martin the Beatles recording manger, born on Jan 3rd 1926, Hightbury London England. He was know as the fifth Beatle, he recored the Beatles in 1992 with a song Love Me Do. It got into the charts at 18. Ringo did not drum on the record it was someone else. From them on it was to the very top. Ron Richards and his engineer Norman Smith recorded four songs for the Beatles, the rest is history 

Myself with Cynthia Lennon, first wife of John Lennon

Cynthia Lennon, first wife of John Lennon

Myself with Yoko Ono, second wife of John Lennon

Yoko Ono second wife of John Lennon

Myself with the late Maureen Cox, first wife of Ringo Star

The late Maureen Cox, first wife of Ringo Star

James Burton guitarist to Elvis Presely

Myself with Scottie Moore, first manager and guitarist to Elvis Presely

Scottie Moore first manager and guitarist to Elvis Presely

Myself with DJ Fontana, first drummer to Elvis Presely

DJ Fontana first drummer to Elvis Presely

Myself with Donna Presely, first cousin to Elvis Presely

Donna Presely first cousin to Elvis Presely

Elvis Presely in concert 1976

***This grainy picture of Elvis Presely is one of my most treasured possessions.I took it during one of his live performances at a concert in Buffalo USA, on 25th June 1976, only 14 months before he died. His girlfriend Linda Thompson gave me permission to take it. Whilst singing one of his best loved songs "Hurt" he walked to the front of the stage, took a silky scalf from around his neck, and handed it to me. That was one of the highlights of my life!!***

Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson, long time girlfriend of Elvis Presely, taken at the 1976 concert

Myself with the late Sam Phillips

The late Sam Phillips who discovered Elvis Presely

Myself with Bill Wyman band member of The Rolling Stones

Taken with Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones Bill was born William George Perks on the 24th October 1936 Lewisham London. He is one of five children. He joined the Stones on December 1962 as a bass player as a successor to Dick Tayor who is still touring with his band the Rhythm Kings, so keep your eyes open

Bill Wyman band member of The Rolling Stones

Freddie Garret from Freddie And The Dreamers

Van Morrisson

Taken with Belfast born Van Morrison his real name is George Ivan Morrison born 31st August 1945. His best hits were Here Comes The Night and Baby Please Dont Go. His group was Them and he had lots of great hits. The songs that I liked were from the 1960s

Myself with The Tremeloes

The Tremeloes

Myself with The Troggs

The Troggs

Myself with Jeff Beck

Taken with Jef Beck who played with the Yardbirds

Myself with the late Adam Faith

The late Adam Faith

Myself with the late Lonnie Donigan

The late Lonnie Donigan

Myself with Petula Clarke

Petula Clarke

Myself with Ray Davies of The Kinks

Ray Davies of The Kinks

Myself with Bruce Walsh of The Shadows

Bruce Walsh of The Shadows

Myself with Hank Marvin of The Shadows

Hank Marvin of The Shadows

Myself with Jack Nicholson

Taken With America actor Jack Nicholson this photo was taken in London Jack was born in new Jersey april 22 1937 his best films  one flew over the cuckoo nest  and batman

Myself with James Stewart

Taken with one of Hollywood greats James Steward James was born on may 20 1908 Indiana Pennsyivania his best film was shenandoah  the rare breed and lots of westerns he died on july 2 1997

Taken with Steve Ellis of The Love Affair

Taken with Steve Ellis of The Love Affair
Hit records Everlasting Love, Rainbow Valley, One Road

Paul Daniels

Taken with actor Paul Daniels at The Who concert Hyde Park London
This photo was taken by Roger Daltry lead singer of The Who

Gerry Marsden

Taken with Gerry Marsden of The Pacemakers
Hits I Like IT, How Do you Do It, You'll Never Walk Alone
Ferry Across The Mersey

Dave Clark

Taken with Dave Clark of The Dave Clark Five
Hits Glad All Over, Bits And Pieces, Catch Us If You Can

Peter Noon

Taken with Peter Noon of Hemans Hermits
Hits No Milk Today, Sentimental Friend, There's A Kind Of Hush

Justin Haywood

Taken with Justin Haywood lead singer of The Moody Blues
Hits Go Now, Knights In White Satin

chris farlow

Taken with Chris Farlow
Hit records Out of Time, Ride on Baby

spencer davies

Taken with Spencer Davies
Hits Keep On Running, Somebody Help Me

zak starkey

Taken with Zak Starkey son of Ringo Starr
drummer with the Who

tina charles

Taken with Tina Charles
Hits I Love To Love

swinging blue jeans

Taken with the Swinging Blue Jeans
Hits Hippy Hippy Shakes, You're No Good

the action

Taken with the Action Group
Records Land Of A Thousand Dances, I'll Keep On Holding On

noel redding

Taken with Noel Redding Bass Player with Jimi Hendrex
Hits Hey Joe, Purple Haze

brian pool

Taken With Brian Pool Of The Tremeloes
Hits I Want Candy, Someone

barry rayan

Taken With Barry Ryan
hits Eloise, I Love How You Love Me

artur brown

Taken With Arthur Brown
Hits, Fire, I Put  A Spell On You 1968

pretty things

Taken with members of The Pretty Things
Hits Don't Bring Me Down

madlien bell

Taken With Singer Madeline Bell
Hits Melting Pot,  1969

kim wild

Taken With Kim Wilde
Hits Kids In America

noel redding

Noel Redding holding the guitar he gave to me
He advised me to get it signed by as many people as possible


Taken with Peter York
drummer with The Spencer Davis Group


Taken with Julain Jones son of Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones

jimmy page

Roger Daltry and Jimmy Page
This Photo was taken In London


Taken with dancer Lionel Blair

Taken Steve Marrot MUM

Taken with Steve Marriots mother and sister
at a Small Faces meeting in London


Taken with Dave Allen 1998 London

ruby wax

Taken with funny woman Ruby Wax London 2004

jermy beadle

Taken with funny man Jeremy Beadle London 1998

carrol keeting

Taken with Carol Keating London 1996


Taken with Richard Branson London 1996

Jont ross

Taken with Paul Ross

michel aspaly

Take with tv personality Michel Aspel London 1997

les denies

michel falety

Taken with River Dance star Michael Flatley

vessana felt

Taken with tv personality Vanessa Felt

barry humphy

Taken with Barry Humphry London 1987

monaco sells

 Taken with tennis player
Monica Seles 1987


Taken with book author Jilly Cooper 1998

michel parsons

Taken with Sale Of The Century man Michael Parsons Liverpool 1989

henry kelly

Taken with celebrity Henry Kelly London 1995

ester ranson

Taken with celebrity Esther Rantzen

michwm priv

Taken with Michael Parkinson


Taken With Billy Connolly 1993


Taken with Police Fives Sean Taylor

dave starky

Taken with historian Doctor David Starky the day Princess Diana died London


Taken with Clive James London 1992


Taken with Danny La Rue London 1991


Taken with Clive Anderson London 1994


Taken with David Jacobs 1994


Taken with racing driver
Barry Sheen London 1996


Taken with Bill Kenwright
London 1989


Taken with Ronnie Barker Liverpool 1992

peter o tool

Taken With Peter O Tool London 1985

john hurt

Taken With Actor John Hurt 1999


Taken With Actor Anthony Hopkins London 1989


Taken With Chris Lee London 1995

barry fosss

Taken With actor  
Barry Fosters London


Taken with Actor Trevor Eve 1995


Taken With Trever Banster

patt boyd

Taken with Patti Boyd
Actress and wife of the late George Harrison and Eric Clapton


Taken with actor Tom Coutney London 1998


Taken with actor Henry McGee London 1987


Taken with actor Leslie Grantham Surrey 1997

tom courtne

Taken with actor Tom Conti London 1994

martin clo

Taken with actor Martin Clunes


Taken with actor Peter Hall London 1992


Taken with actor John Gray


Taken with actor Michael Williams 1993


Taken with top 1960s model and actress Twiggy


Taken with Swedish actress Britt Ekland in London


Taken with actress Jenny Seagrove in London 1994


Taken with singer and actress Anita Harris London 1983


Taken with actress and singer Lorraine Chase London 1994


Taken with actress and dancer Bonnie Langford London 1997


Taken with actress Joan Colins London 1996


Taken with actress Lin Redgrave London 1998


Taken with actress Barbara Windsor London 1995


Taken with actress Michelle Collins from East Enders


Taken with actresses Martine McCutchen and Barbara Winsor 1993


Actress Frances De La Tour London 1995


Taken with actress Fiona Hendley London 1993


Taken with actress Hayley Mills London 1996

dkfkd ss

Taken with actress Susan Hamshire London 1997


Taken with South African actress Moira Lister London 1997


Taken with Scottish actress Hannah Gorden London 1996


Taken with American actor Jean Wilder London 1996


Taken with American actor Jack Klugman know as Quincy London 1996


Sidney Poitier looking good in London

tony randel

Taken with American actor Tony Randall London 1994


Charlton Heston in London

jerry hall

Taken with American model and actress Jerry Hall London 1998


Taken with pop singer Helen Shapiro London 1974

mike sare

Taken with 1960s singer and actor Mike Sarne hits Come Outside, Will I What 1962


George Melly out and about in London 1987


Taken with Belfast born singer Ronnie Caroll hits Roses are red 1962


Taken with singer Mike Berry 1995

Taken with 1950s 60s singer Craig Douglas hits Only Sixteen, Rainbow


Taken with actor and singer Anthony Newley
Hits Why , I Have Waited So Long 


This lovely photo is actor Richard Attenborough and his wife 1994


Taken with actor Terence Stamp best film The Colleter 1965


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